WORKING CATS need a place to call ‘home’ too!

In a perfect world, every cat would live happily in a home as a lap cat. However, this is not always the case. Some cats are not suited for this environment. Others are under socialized and need and want outdoor homes with limited human interaction.

Although not a typical adoption, these spayed or neutered cats need a safe space with good food, fresh water and veterinary care. In return, they will keep the rodent population down.

SAVE needs an outlet for when we have kitties that prefer to be working cats in barns, warehouses, wineries, etc.

What you provide:

You provide a safe, outdoor/indoor building such as a barn, stable or warehouse. You need to provide daily food, fresh water, plus veterinary care.

What we provide:

We provide cats that are spayed or neutered, Feline Leukemia/Feline immunodeficiency virus negative, and current on vaccinations. It is ideal to have at least two cats because they can keep each other company.

How it works:

The cat(s) will require at least 2 weeks in a crate (or other safe enclosure, which we can provide) with a litter box and fresh food and water daily. They need this time to establish your home as their own and to acclimate to their surroundings. The litterbox will not be needed once they are no longer in an enclosure.

Please consider giving these cats a place they can call home. CALL SAVE at 609-309-5214 if you are interested in a working/ barn cat (or two!).