Animal Adoption Application

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SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals

Pet Adoption Application
Our goal is to place our animals in permanent, loving homes. We pride ourselves on matching animals to adoptive families based on mutual suitability. Answering the questions on this application will help us assist in finding you the right pet for your family.

Fields marked with an * are required

Adoption requirements

For approximately how many hours will your pet be alone each day?
(Without human companionship)

Your living arrangements

If you rent, we must confirm that your landlord permits pets. Please provide their contact information.

Please list all of the animals you have had in your home within the past 3 years

Please provide the name and daytime phone number of two references

Please note that missing or incorrect information will delay processing of your application. If you don’t have a phone number handy, please call or e-mail it ( when you get home. Thank you!

For Cats only:

For Dogs only:

I hereby give to SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals access all veterinary records of any and all animals I own or have owned. I give my consent for SAVE to contact the above listed references to inquire on the history of previously or currently owned animals. If approved, SAVE will keep this application active for six months. I certify that all the information in this application is true and I understand that false
information may void the application.

Completion of this application in no way guarantees acquisition of a pet. All adoptions are finalized at the discretion of the adoption counselors. SAVE reserves the right to deny approval of any adoption.