Adopting From Save

Be a Friend . . . Adopt a SAVE Pet

If you are interested in adopting a pet, we hope that you will strongly consider the many wonderful dogs and cats in SAVE’s care. View the animals currently at the SAVE shelter, or browse to preview animals that are currently available. You will see a photo and biographical information on all of the animals listed.

Our professional staff and trained volunteers are here to help you select your new family member. Adoption counselors are available to answer your questions and assist in matching your individual preferences with a cat or dog. Many wonderful pets are waiting at SAVE to meet you and start a new life as a member of your family.

Please visit our shelter to meet our cats and dogs
and find your new best friend!

SAVE’s comprehensive adoption process includes completing an application form and visiting with our animals. Once you have discovered your new friend, a staff member at the shelter will assist you with the rest of the application process. This includes adoptee screening, animal behavioral counseling and follow-up services.

SAVE’s animals are tested for serious health and behavioral problems, and are up-to-date on vaccinations. When you take your furry friend home, be prepared for a period of adjustment. Just like us, animals need time to become familiar and comfortable in their new surroundings. You will be rewarded for your patience, training and kindness with the love and loyalty from your new pet.

Adoption Fees


  • Adults: $250
  • Puppies: $350
  • Adoption fees for dogs include Spay/Neuter, flea and tick prevention, Heartworm-Lyme testing, Distemper, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines, fecal analysis, de-worming plus Microchipping.


  • Adults: $125
  • Kittens: $175
  • Adoption fees for cats include Spay/Neuter, De-Worming, Leukemia and FIV testing, Distemper, and Rabies Vaccines, plus Microchipping.

Our list of adoptable dogs and cats is powered by The list uses a technology that may not work with all browsers. If you are not seeing a list of adoptable animals followed by photos, then your browser does not support iframes. You may view our animals online at

Puppy playing with a toy

Available Dogs

a white and black cat

Available Cats

Pet Adoption Events in the Community

The SAVE van is often on the road with adoptable cats and dogs on the weekend throughout the community .

In addition to special events on our calendar, we often visit the pet stores listed below:

  • Petco at Mercer Mall, Route 1, Lawrenceville, NJ
  • Pet Valu, Route 206, Hillsborough, NJ
  • PetSmart-Hamilton Marketplace, Route 130, Hamilton, NJ
  • Concord Pets, Princeton Shopping Ctr, Princeton, NJ
  • Rosedale Mills, Route 31, Pennington, NJ
  • Dogs & Cats Rule, Denow Rd, Pennington, NJ

Call SAVE to confirm location(s) – 609-309-5214

girl holding a dog wearing sweater

Seniors For Seniors

Connecting senior citizens with our mature animals who need love and a new home

SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals offers a "Seniors for Seniors" program. Through this program, SAVE will waive adoption fees for senior citizens (65 years and older) who are willing to welcome one of our mature (8 years and older) cats or dogs into their heart and home.

"What a wonderful addition Angie has been. We are blessed to have her and love her immensely. Thank you all for the wonderful work you do, and please let others know that a senior pet is worth adopting!"
--Nancy Stillman

The program was developed to help find new homes for the many mature cats and dogs at our shelter that are often overlooked by potential adopters. Puppies and kittens are certainly cute, but an older dog or cat has a lot to offer a new owner too. These cats and dogs are usually already trained and housebroken and can be a lot calmer and easier to handle and care for, especially for older people. The personality and size of the animal is fully developed, so what you see is what you get. And, of course, these dogs and cats who have known true hardship, will be eternally grateful to their new owner for giving them a second chance.

Seniors benefit from SAVE's "Seniors for Seniors" program also. Studies have actually proven that pet companionship can improve senior citizens’ health and outlook on life. By offering companionship and love to a lonely individual, pets can actually help to lower a person's blood pressure and stress level and reduce the number or duration of illnesses. Pets allow the senior to feel happier, safer, and more needed.

To apply for the program, seniors are asked to complete a pre-adoption questionnaire and to meet with an adoption counselor who will help them to select the most suitable animal for their situation. All animals in the program are spayed/neutered and are up-to-date with their vaccinations. For more information, please call the shelter at 609-309-5214., or stop by and visit our many mature friends. You won't want to leave empty handed.

CLICK HERE for more information about the benefits of pet ownership for seniors.

Adoption Application

After you have found a cat or dog you would like to adopt, the next step is filling out and submitting the application.

Click to complete an
Adoption Application

If you have any questions about the process, please call the shelter at 609-309-5214.