Humane Education

(At this time, The Humane Education program is on hold indefinitely)

What is humane education? Why does it matter?

Humane education has been broadly defined as the use of education to nurture compassion and respect for living things. By educating our youth in humane education, we are teaching them the value of kindness toward one another, animals, and the environment, and shaping attitudes toward different cultural and human rights issues. It provides students with an opportunity to integrate qualities such as compassion, tolerance, and integrity into their daily lives.

PET Program (Partners in Empathy Training)

The PET program stresses the responsibilities, joys, and values associated with taking care of a companion animal. Lessons emphasize animal care, compassion, animal behavior, overcoming fear of animals, and safety around animals. Through the use of stories, discussions, and projects – and, sometimes, a visit to SAVE – the students begin to recognize the importance of treating all animals with respect and care, and to appreciate that their needs are very similar to our own. They look forward to seeing a shelter dog or cat each week, and as they learn to develop empathy for our animals, their ability to show kindness to each other increases.

SAVE extends a special acknowledgement and gratitude to Ann-Marie Krahel, Humane Education Director, upon her retirement this year.  For over a decade, Ann-Marie has provided dedicated service to the community. We wish Ann-Marie well as she starts a new chapter in her life.

Ann-Marie Krahel


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