Animal Surrender To Save

SAVE is a limited admission shelter. We are only permitted to have a certain number of animals housed at our facility. When you need to surrender your pet, please contact the shelter at 609-309-5214. We will evaluate each situation individually.

Some information that you should be aware of:

  • We can only take in animals when space is available. Because SAVE does not euthanize animals based on space or time limits, our residents stay with us until they find new homes.
  • CATS: We are not able to house feral cats, or special needs cats (diabetics, leukemia/FIV positive cats, or terminally ill cats).
  • DOGS: All dog owners must schedule a behavior assessment by our staff to determine if we are able to accept your pet into our shelter. Dogs with serious behavior issues like aggression may not be accepted into our adoption program.
  • There is an owner surrender fee when relinquishing a pet to SAVE. The fee is vital to helping the shelter with the care that the pet may require during his/her stay at SAVE.

In many circumstances, we may be able to offer advice to those in need so that relinquishment is not necessary. We understand that you love your pet and want to do everything in your power to keep your companion in your family.

The simplest way to rehome your pet is to promote your animal for adoption online. SAVE is proud to partner with Get Your Pet, a safe online community that connects people who need to rehome their pet with people who want to adopt. Before considering SAVE as your only option, please visit their website. Lets get your pet adopted without the added stress (for you and them) of placing your pet in a shelter care environment!

*And please try to never give away your pet for free to someone you do not know*

If you need to relinquish your pet, no one is in a better position to find your pet a new home than you!